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A furnace is a major appliance found in virtually every building, both residential and commercial. The furnace is used to heat an interior space and is sometimes called a boiler.

If you require furnace repair or any other furnace service, just call H&F Service Co. If you own an electric furnace or gas furnace in Alexandria, allow us to help you maintain it, repair it if it is broken, or to replace it if necessary.

How Does a Gas Furnace Work?

The most common type of furnace in the United States, by far, is the gas furnace, which is a furnace powered by natural gas.

A gas furnace works by heating this natural gas in the burner of the furnace. A thermostat monitors the temperature inside of a building and, if the temperature drops beneath the designated threshold, gas is released into these burners. An ignition system ignites this gas and the gas is kept in reserve in the burner.

The air ducts in the building pull air into the furnace and the air is directed into the plenum, which is on the opposite side of the furnace from the burner. The heat from the burner radiates into the plenum, heating the air inside. The heated air then circulates throughout the home, passing into any room with an open vent.

Gas furnaces require more maintenance over time. Though a newly installed gas furnace is efficient at first, its performance can decline rapidly if not maintained. Maintenance includes replacing air filters, fixing damaged ducts, or cleaning a dirty burner.

H&F Performs Gas Furnace Installation in Alexandria

If you encounter a problem with your gas furnace, be sure to call H&F Service Co. We’re one of the oldest and most respected heating repair businesses in Alexandria. Whatever HVAC service requirement you have, we’re the ones to call. If you have a gas furnace in need of repair in Alexandria, or even need a new gas furnace installed, just call us for unbeatable pricing, high quality work, and friendly service on your HVAC system!

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