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A furnace is a major appliance found in virtually every building, both residential and commercial. The furnace is used to heat an interior space and is sometimes called a boiler.

If you require furnace repair or any other furnace service, just call H&F Service Co. If you own a gas furnace or electric furnace in Alexandria, allow us to help you maintain it, repair it if it is broken, or to replace it if necessary.

How Does an Electric Furnace Work?

An electric furnace merely describes a type of furnace that is powered via electricity. Electric furnaces are best employed in areas where electricity is cheap, as their electric energy consumption is significantly higher than other types of furnaces.

An electric furnace works off the principle of electrical resistance. Electrical resistance describes the quality of any given medium to oppose the passage of an electric current. When an electric current is forced through this medium, a phenomenon similar to friction occurs within that medium. As friction heats the two objects that are creating it, so does this electric resistance heat the medium through which the electric current flows.

The result, in this case, is that the conductor within the electric furnace, which has a high degree of electrical resistance, is heated through the forced and continual application of an electric current. This heat is then distributed throughout the ventilation system via common methods of heat transference, such as convection, radiation, etc.

H&F Service Performs Furnace Repair in Alexandria

If you encounter a problem with your electric furnace, be sure to call the heating repair experts at H&F Service Co. We’re one of the oldest and most respected HVAC repair businesses in Alexandria. Whatever HVAC service requirements you have, we’re the ones to call. If you have an electric furnace in need of repair in Alexandria, or even need a new electric furnace installed, just call us for unbeatable pricing, high quality work, and friendly service on your HVAC system!

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