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Benefits of a Digital Thermostat

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If you have an old thermostat in your home, you should consider upgrading to a digital thermostat. From programmable systems to Wi-Fi thermostats you can control with your smartphone, there are many benefits of a digital thermostat. Here are a few:

Save Money

One of the most significant benefits of a digital thermostat is that it can help save you money. Many systems allow you to program your heat or air conditioning to turn on at set times. This lets you save energy when you’re at work and not in the house, or on vacation. You can even adjust Wi-Fi digital thermostats from anywhere with your smartphone! By not running the heater or air conditioner while you’re away, you can save several hours worth of energy. And since nearly 50 percent of a home’s expenses come from heating and cooling, this can really add up!

Keep Your Home Safe

Many old thermostat models contain mercury, posing a serious health hazard to your home. If you have one of these thermostats, it is definitely time for an upgrade! Digital thermostats contain no hazardous chemicals.

Maximize Home Comfort

By using a programmable or Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you can improve the temperature and comfort of your home. Depending on how your HVAC system is set up, you may be able to install multiple thermostats for a zone control system.

Be More Eco-Friendly

Not only will you save money on your energy bill, you’ll also cut your energy use. Digital thermostats are a great way to go a little greener and help the environment.

Interested in the benefits of a digital thermostat? Talk to H&F Service Co. about digital thermostat installation in Alexandria, VA today! Give us a call at (703) 642-6278 for more info.

Benefits Of A Humidifier

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If the winter air is starting to dry out your skin and cause itchy eyes and irritated sinuses, consider a humidifier! There are many benefits of a huumidifier, especially for those prone to illness or allergies. Here are just a few reasons to consider a humidifier:

Softer Skin

benefits of a humidifierAre you going through lotion faster than normal? Do you have dry, flaky patches of skin? Dry air can really take a toll on your skin, even leading to painful cracks and increased aging. Use a humidifier to put some moisture back into the air and say goodbye to dry, dull skin!

Healthier Sinuses

Similar to dry skin, dry sinuses can lead to all sorts of problems, including a higher risk for catching viruses and bacteria. You might have experienced nosebleeds of trouble breathing through your nose. Breathe easier at night and wake up with a more comfortable and healthy nose and throat.

Lower Heating Bill

Did you know that more humid air feels warmer? If you want to stop running the heater so often, using a humidifier can help your home feel a little warmer. This can help your heating system last longer as well as reduce your energy bill.

Protect Wood And Plants

Air with a little moisture can go a long way in preserving your wood furniture and finishings. Dryer air can lead to splits and cracks. A humidifier can also help keep your houseplants more comfortable instead of drying out soil like dry air will.

Interested in whole home humidifiers? Call H&F Service Co. for humidifier installation and other HVAC services in Alexandria, VA at 703-642-6278!

Winter Savings on Home Heating

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With winter fast approaching, now is a great time to inspect the heating equipment and your home’s insulation to ensure your energy bill doesn’t shoot through the roof once it comes time to start using your furnace.

Check the insulation around doors and windows in your home. Any cracks will allow the heat to escape, preventing your heater from working optimally. You can use weathering tape to seal up any cracks or holes. It’s a simple fix that goes a long way in maintaining the temperature of your home and reducing the amount of money you’ll spend keeping the house warm.

Cleaning and maintaining the furnace should be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to prepping your home for the winter. Dirty heating equipment can cause the heater to run inefficiently and runs the risk of the equipment breaking down when you need it the most. Having your heater inspected by an HVAC professional, will eliminate the risk of damage or wear and tear going unnoticed until it is too late. Contact H and F HVAC today if your furnace is need of maintenance and cleaning so it runs smoothly this winter.

H and F HVAC is available for heating services in Alexandria, VA and the entire Washington DC metro area. Our licensed professionals can maintain or repair your heating equipment so it works great all winter long. Contact us today at (703) 642-6278 for more information on our services.

Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

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Does your home seem dusty no matter how often you vacuum and change your air filters? It may be time for you to consider air duct cleaning. Typically needs every three to five years, air duct cleaning is an intensive process. Here’s some signs you may need air duct cleaning.

Excessive Dust

If you home seems unusually or excessively dusty, ask yourself a few questions. Do you dust and vacuum every couple weeks? Do you check or change your air filter once a month? Do you have pets that shed, or several people living in the house? Do you keep your doors or windows open often? If there’s no good explanation for the dust in your house, check your air vents and return air vents. If they are coated in dust, you may need air duct cleaning. You should also check your furnace’s blower and motor for signs of dust buildup.

Sluggish A/C

If you’ve noticed your air conditioner’s performance dropping, or your energy bill rising, this could indicate dust buildup in your HVAC system. When your system gets clogged up, it will expend more energy and perform poorly. Air duct cleaning can help rejuvenate your HVAC system, kind of like a tune-up on and old car. Cleaner ducts help your A/C perform better, saving you money and extending its lifespan.

Pesky Allergies

It seems that just about anything can trigger allergies, but if you notice they seem worse in your house, dirty ducts could be the culprit. Your HVAC system isn’t just blowing dust around; your indoor air contains spores, mites, carcinogens, and other pollutants that can trigger allergies or asthma. Consider air duct cleaning to help reduce itchy eyes, runny nose, and other allergy symptoms.

If you need air duct cleaning in Alexandria, VA, call R&F Service Co at (703) 642-6278. Our certified technicians have been repairing air conditioners and heater in the DC Metro area since 1973. We work thoroughly and efficiently to get your HVAC system back in shape! We are fully licensed and insured, too, so you can rest easy with R&F Service Co. handling your repairs.

Tips To Keep Your Indoor Air Cleaner

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Do you ever wonder how so much dust builds up in your home? Or why your allergies seem to never go away? Cleaning your indoor air can help! Follow these tips to upgrade your indoor air quality.

Vacuum and Dust More Often

The air in your home, and whatever is floating around in it, gets repeatedly cycled through your house. While your air filter should catch a significant amount of dust, dirt, and hair, it can’t catch it all. Make sure to vacuum and dust your home once a week to cut down on the pollutants in your air. Don’t forget to beat out rugs, dust the top shelves, your blinds, and under your bed. If you have a dog or cat, consider brushing them outside to cut down on pet hair and dander in the house.

Make Some Serious Changes

If you have extremely bad allergies and a carpeted house, you might consider transitioning to tile or wood floors. They are easier to clean and do not trap all the dirt, dust, pollutants, and dander that your carpet clings to. Although this can be expensive, you may find the benefits outweigh the cost!

Take Care of Your Air Filters

One of the most essential ways to keep your indoor air clean is by regularly replacing your air filter. Make sure you’re using the right kind. If you notice dust clogging your return air vent, clean it off and consider calling a professional HVAC inspector to come and take a look.

If you need help with your air conditioner or need air cleaning services in the Metro DC area, give our experts at H&F Service Co. a call at (703) 642-6278 or (301) 279-7618.

How To Know When Your Refrigerant Is Low

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So it’s the middle of summer and this is not the time for your air conditioner to go out on you. What could be going on? If you’re having any of the following problems, then low refrigerant. or Freon, may be to blame.

  • House takes too long to cool off: You may have noticed that your house is taking longer than it normally does to cool down. The refrigerant is the element that absorbs the heat from the air. So without it, your cooling system won’t be able to absorb enough heat to adequately cool your house.
  • Ice buildup on the refrigerant line: Take a look at your outdoor AC unit. If you see the is ice that’s built up on the copper refrigerant line, your refrigerant may be low if not completely depleted. When there’s a lack of refrigerant, the interior of the cooling unit’s
  • Increased energy bill: As a result of the lack of refrigerant, your cooling system is forced a lot longer and hard to cool you home, thus reflecting a spike in your electric bill.
  • Strange noises: If you have noticed weird noises like bubbling or hissing, this a sign that your air conditioner needs more refrigerant. These sounds indicate a leak somewhere along the line and allowing Freon to escape.

So remember, no one likes sitting in a warm house on a hot summer day. Give H and F Service Co. a call today at [nw_data field=phone]. We’re here to take care of all your HVAC repairs. 


4 Ways to Cut Your Summer Cooling Bills

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a picture of a man changing an air filterSummer is right around the corner, and Southern summers can get seriously hot. People always seem to be complaining about their electric bills in the summertime, and that’s perfectly understandable; when your bill runs several hundred dollars in the hot months, it can be a real strain on your budget! Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to cut your summer cooling bills and keep a little more money in your pocket.

Get your ducts cleaned. Your ventilation system is vital to cooling your home. Sometimes, ventilation systems can get clogged up with dust and pet hair. These blockages not only worsen your air quality, but they also force the air conditioning unit to spend more energy trying to push cold air past them. Don’t make your unit work harder than it needs to! Get a duct cleaning and an air filter change before summer arrives.

Check your insulation. Insulation protects your home from extreme outdoor temperatures. You should have a professional inspect your home to make sure it has the right amount of insulation to keep you cool. Energy-efficient windows, blackout curtains, and properly sealed exterior doors can help reduce the amount of time you need to keep the A/C running.

Look into “average billing”. Energy companies offer all kinds of deals, but you usually have to ask for them. Average billing looks at your past energy use, and bills you the average of that amount each month. This prevents you from having super-low energy bills in the winter, but it also helps you avoid those massive summer bills. It’s also good for budgeting, since you know how much you will be paying each month.

Repaint your roof. This one might sound like a lot of work, but it’s well worth it! Dark-colored roofs absorb the sun’s rays, making your home warmer on the inside. By comparison, white or very light-colored roofs reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your home several degrees cooler.

Everyone in the South (or any other hot areas) can benefit from this advice. If you’re ready to have your air conditioner inspected or replaced, give us a call today! [nw_data field=phone]

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your HVAC System!

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Does your HVAC system have a place on your Spring Cleaning checklist? It should! Many homeowners skip over this important step, but it’s important to keep your system clean so that it can work smoothly through the hotter months. Here are some tips for doing just that.

a photo of a group of yellow tulipsEvaluate Your Ducts and Filters

There are some warning signs to look for when you inspect your ventilation system. Is it blowing as hard as it used to? Is it blowing as cold as it used to? Does your air filter need to be changed? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to call an HVAC professional to get everything taken care of. This would also be a good time to trade fiberglass air filters for HEPA filters with longer lifespans.

Don’t Forget Your Outside Unit

Your air ducts and filters are important, but your outside unit generates the power to heat and cool your home. Make sure that there are no lawn clippings, fallen leaves or branches, or overgrown weeds interfering with it. If you see these things in or on your unit, clean up what you can, and then call a pro to come inspect the inside of the unit.

Ask a Pro to Take a Look

This is always good advice, especially at the beginning of a new season. A professional’s trained eyes and experience will help them find problems that might be easily overlooked. They can also tell you about newer, energy-saving (and money-saving!) equipment if you are interested in an upgrade. Ask about Energy Star compliant units approved by the EPA.

We are always available to answer any questions you have about cleaning or replacing your unit. Give us a call!

Improving Your Indoor Air Environment

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clean indoorsDo you remember when you last cleaned your air ducts or replaced your air filter? A dirty heating or air conditioning system can do more harm than good. The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollutants as one of the top 5 threats to public health. In light of the importance of indoor air quality, we briefly walk through a few specifics of air purification to help you start breathing cleaner air. 

No matter how often you vacuum or how well you clean, it is likely that dander, mold spores, pollen, dust and other pollutants are circulating through your home heating or air conditioning system. While filters can trap these particles, they can do little else in terms of purifying the air. Supplemental air cleaners can complement virtually any existing system to help you breathe easier. Humidifiers, purifiers, or UV germicidal lamps are simply a few of the new technologies in air purification.

Create Clean

If you are ready to breathe easier in your home, call our team today at 301-279-7618 to explore air purification technology. We are available 24/7 to help you when you need it most!

Digital Thermostats: Money Savers

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When you own your own home, money becomes more and more of an issue. You start looking for ways to save at every opportunity. Well, we’ll go over one more money saving opportunity here. If your air conditioning and heating bills have gotten to high, you can lower them with installation of a digital thermostat. Money savers will like this.

How can a digital thermostat save you money?

Digital thermostats help you use your air conditioning and heating units efficiently. When you leave them running while out of the house, you’ve basically wasted all that energy. However, with a digital thermostat, you can control the temperature of your home when away so your units don’t have to work nearly as hard. This saves both energy and money.

Does this sound like something you’d want for your own home? We offer professional installation service. Our trusted technicians have years of experience, and will get the job done right. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (703) 642-6278 or (301) 279-7618!