How Often Should I Change My Air Filters?

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When it comes to taking care of your home, you have a very long list of things to do. That’s why it is often easy to forget about the thins you don’t always see, such as the filters hidden behind your vents! However, changing your air filters is one of the most important things to do on you list of home maintenance for quite a few reasons. To name a few, your are filters play a large role in your home’s air quality, clogged filters also raise your energy bills, and can even damage your air conditioner. Though it may seem frugal to get washable filters, or to not replace them right away, remember that your health should take priority, and poor air quality is not goof for your health! Today we will discus a few tips about replacing your air filters.

At the very latest, you should be changing your air filters every 90 days or so, assuming your home is relatively clean, and you don’t use the A/C frequently. However, if you run the A/C constantly, or if you prefer to have the windows open often, your filters are more likely to gather dirt quickly. In this case, every 60 days may be a better idea. If you are a smoker, or if you have pets, you’re likely going to have to change your air filters every 30 days! Pet dander and irritants from cigarettes can get trapped in your filters, and the longer it stays up there, the more it circulates through your system. Additionally, animal hair is one of the number one ways to clog p an air filter so severely that you A/C ends up breaking from over working. We also advise against washable filters, as they can harbor harmful bacteria.

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Do you know when to change your air filter?

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