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Why You Need Air Conditioner Coolant

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Air Conditioner Coolant Recharge
Homeowners know that  Virginia summers can be long, and very hot. It is important that you and your family can stay cool indoors, to prevent from overheating and dehydration. H&F Service Co prides itself in providing air conditioning repair services to homeowners in Alexandria, VA. Call (703) 642-6278 to speak with one of our experts today. Here are some of the reasons homeowners need air conditioner coolant:


A lack of AC coolant in your unit can be causing unnecessary cooling issues. The goal for homeowners is to keep their property cool, without spending a fortune on energy bills. If you find that your unit is just not providing any cold air, a freon/coolant recharge may be required. H&F will send an expert HVAC contractor to your home, and have your coolant recharged efficiently and professionally.

Energy Efficiency

If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bill, it could be the result of air conditioner problems. One of the most common problems, is the lack of air conditioner coolant in your unit. If you find yourself changing the temperature on your thermostat to fight against the summer heat, you are generating a ton of electricity and pushing your bills way up. AC coolant recharge can lower your bills by allowing your unit to operate without significantly dropping the temperature.

Temperature Distribution

Many homeowners have the issue of temperature distribution. This means that certain rooms in the house remain uncomfortably hot, while other rooms maintain a pleasant temperature. Air conditioner coolant recharge can get your AC back to its optimal performance. By spreading cool temperatures throughout the entire home, without spiking up the energy bills, you and your family can enjoy hot summer days, without worrying about over heating. Call (703) 642-6278 for air conditioner coolant recharge in Alexandria, VA.