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Tips To Keep Your Indoor Air Cleaner

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Do you ever wonder how so much dust builds up in your home? Or why your allergies seem to never go away? Cleaning your indoor air can help! Follow these tips to upgrade your indoor air quality.

Vacuum and Dust More Often

The air in your home, and whatever is floating around in it, gets repeatedly cycled through your house. While your air filter should catch a significant amount of dust, dirt, and hair, it can’t catch it all. Make sure to vacuum and dust your home once a week to cut down on the pollutants in your air. Don’t forget to beat out rugs, dust the top shelves, your blinds, and under your bed. If you have a dog or cat, consider brushing them outside to cut down on pet hair and dander in the house.

Make Some Serious Changes

If you have extremely bad allergies and a carpeted house, you might consider transitioning to tile or wood floors. They are easier to clean and do not trap all the dirt, dust, pollutants, and dander that your carpet clings to. Although this can be expensive, you may find the benefits outweigh the cost!

Take Care of Your Air Filters

One of the most essential ways to keep your indoor air clean is by regularly replacing your air filter. Make sure you’re using the right kind. If you notice dust clogging your return air vent, clean it off and consider calling a professional HVAC inspector to come and take a look.

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