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How To Know When Your Refrigerant Is Low

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So it’s the middle of summer and this is not the time for your air conditioner to go out on you. What could be going on? If you’re having any of the following problems, then low refrigerant. or Freon, may be to blame.

  • House takes too long to cool off: You may have noticed that your house is taking longer than it normally does to cool down. The refrigerant is the element that absorbs the heat from the air. So without it, your cooling system won’t be able to absorb enough heat to adequately cool your house.
  • Ice buildup on the refrigerant line: Take a look at your outdoor AC unit. If you see the is ice that’s built up on the copper refrigerant line, your refrigerant may be low if not completely depleted. When there’s a lack of refrigerant, the interior of the cooling unit’s
  • Increased energy bill: As a result of the lack of refrigerant, your cooling system is forced a lot longer and hard to cool you home, thus reflecting a spike in your electric bill.
  • Strange noises: If you have noticed weird noises like bubbling or hissing, this a sign that your air conditioner needs more refrigerant. These sounds indicate a leak somewhere along the line and allowing Freon to escape.

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