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How Tank Water Heaters Work

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How did people ever live without water heaters? Whether you’re doing the dishes, washing laundry, or taking a shower, you’re always thankful that you don’t have to boil that water yourself. Have you ever been curious about how they work, though? Here’s a quick overview of how a tank-type water heater works:

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There are basically two types of water heaters: fuel-fired and electric. Fuel-fired water heaters have have an opening to vent out the exhaust fumes, and electric water heaters just hook up directly to your electric panel. Both types are effective at heating up water.

After the water is heated, it needs to be stored for later. The water is heated in cycles and kept warm in between by a layer of insulation in the storage section.

There are two sets of pipes attached to your water heater. One goes into the bottom and pumps in the cold water. The other comes out of the top to pump out hot water.


They’re not the most complex machines out there, but they’re exceedingly important to maintaining our everyday lifestyle. Here at H & F Service Company, we offer hot water heater installation and repairs, alongside a host of other HVAC services. For more information, please give us a call at (703) 642-6278 or (301) 279-7618.