Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Alexandria Air Conditioning Service / Repair

Regular maintenance is a must if you want your air conditioning system to be working efficiently at all times, especially during summer.  Does your regular maintenance include the following?

1.    Regular filter inspection and change
The air filter needs to be regularly inspected, cleaned  and changed if necessary. A dirty or clogged air filter will prevent the free flow of air in the system.

2.    Cleaning of  the vents or ducts
Regular cleaning of vents or ducts (central air conditioning) several times a year  is a must for the efficient flow of air to be cooled.

3.    Cleaning  the condenser coil
Clean using a vacuum cleaner because washing with water might damage the electrical parts and the motor. Inspect the fins and keep them straight with a condenser coil comb.

4.    Checking to make there’s no obstruction to the condensing unit
There should be nothing to block the air flow into the air conditioner unit especially those outside. Remove any debris or dirt to allow free air flow.

5.    Freon levels
This is done by checking if there’s Freon leak in the air conditioner.  This is best done by an HVAC technician.

6.    Complete professional check up
Cleaning is not enough to maintain an air conditioner in top working condition. Get the services of an Alexandria HVAC Company to check other factors such as the electrical controls as well as to calibrate the thermostat.

If you are in Alexandria, Metro DC, call H and F Service Co., at (703) 642-6278 and (301) 279-7618 for your air conditioner’s regular Alexandria Air Conditioning Service / Repair.   H and F Service Co. serves the Metro DC area even on weekends, late nights and holidays at no extra charge.

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