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Signs Your Home Air Conditioner Is Not Running Properly

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If you’re one of those people who can’t live without your central air conditioner, it’s very inconvenient and uncomfortable if it suddenly stops working properly. Actually, it can be avoided because it shows some signs before it finally fails. It pays to be familiar with some of these common signs of a failing central air conditioner that include the following:

1. No cooling
Is your air conditioner blowing air that is warm or not as cool as it normally was? The problem could be caused by condenser failure or lack of refrigerant. Your unit needs servicing to determine if there’s a refrigerant leak or the condenser needs to be repaired or replaced.
2. Strange Noises
Do you hear screeching, grinding, squealing, hissing or clunking sounds while your air conditioning unit is running? They could be signs of a failing component. Turn off the air conditioner immediately to prevent further damage.
3. Strange Odors
There are many reasons why foul odor is coming out of the air vents. They could be: a dirty filter, a dead and decaying animal in the unit or the smell of mold because of a clogged drain. If you’re getting a burnt odor, it could be an indicator of an electrical malfunction.  Turn the unit off immediately and call an A/C repair man.
4. Varying Room Temperatures
If some rooms in your house are warmer than the other rooms, varying temperatures can be an indicator of a number of problems in your central air conditioning. You may have ducting, compressor or thermostat problems.
5. Water or Leaks
Water coming out of your air conditioning unit could mean that the drain tube is clogged. However, if you’re seeing frost or ice formation on the coils, the refrigerant could be leaking.
Avoid unpleasant surprises if your air conditioner suddenly stops working. If you are in Alexandria and you see any of the signs that your central air conditioner is not running properly, call (703) 642-6278 or (301) 279-7618 for Alexandria air conditioning service / repair.