Low Level Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Furnaces and Gas Appliances

Posted on: Monday, December 31st, 2012  In: Uncategorized

If you’re suffering from declining health for years that your doctor can’t seem to diagnose correctly, maybe you must have an HVAC expert check your furnaces and gas appliances. You could be suffering from multiple low-level carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.  The following situations could also be happening in your homes.

An old fireplace with hairline cracks within the chimney allowing carbon monoxide to spill into the home for a number of years under certain conditions. An expert contractor usually checks for this problem because its consequence.

An abandoned bird’s nest on the chimney can restrict the flow of exhaust gases and cause carbon monoxide to be discharged into the home.

An improperly installed furnace may be prone to expelling carbon monoxide into the home sometimes. Carbon monoxide may mix with indoor air and spread to other areas of the house before it goes out of the windows or doors.

Low gas supply can cause the furnace temperature to be below the optimum range. At low furnace temperature, the exhaust gases may not be able to rise properly up to the exit level of the chimney at certain conditions. In an improperly insulated chimney, the exhaust gases may not also be warm enough to rise to the exit level during cold nights.

There are other situations which cause low-level CO poisoning that the average homeowner may not be aware of. However, the expert HVAC technicians will be diligently looking for such situations because they know the dangers they can cause. For your safety, let H and F Service Co. HVAC Service in Alexandria clean and inspect your furnaces and other gas-fueled appliances.

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