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Maintenance Tips for Your Gas Furnace

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Gas furnaces need regular maintenance not only for energy savings and but also for your safety. Here are some maintenance procedures that are required to keep your furnace in good running condition:

1. Checking for gas leaks
Gas fuel is combustible. Professional furnace technicians would know how to test for leaks. If you smell gas near your furnace area, immediately call for an Alexandria Heating Company to fix the furnace.

2. Is the thermostat working properly?
If you notice that your house temperature is not according to the thermostat setting, the thermostat is most likely not working properly.

3. Changing the air filter
Your gas furnace will produce less heat with a dirty air filter.

4. Cleaning your gas furnace
Unless you are knowledgeable, better leave this to a trained technician. You might unknowingly change some settings or improperly install some parts after cleaning.

5. Checking the tension belt
Loose belts will make your furnace run inefficiently.

6. Checking the pilot light
The furnace will not work properly if the pilot light is not lit and working properly. The pilot light color should blue. Otherwise, it’s not working properly.

7. Oil for the motor
The motor that runs the gas furnace should be oiled at the start of the cold season and when needed.

8. Checking vents regularly
Blocked ventilation can cause health hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning.

9. Post cold season shut off
Gas furnaces should be cleaned with the air filter replaced before it is shut off after the winter season.

All the above maintenance tips should be done before using the furnace. Unless you are knowledgeable about furnace maintenance, it is best to leave the job (maybe except changing the filter) to trained Alexandria Heating service professionals. A defective furnace can be a source of poisonous carbon monoxide gas and you won’t know it has reached dangerous levels in the air you breathe because the gas is odorless and colorless.